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Rapid Implementation

With our experienced team and implementation approach, we are able to deliver a rapid and timely implementation for all our customers. Our typical implementation period lasts between 3 to 6 months depending on the components purchased.
Our Team

The implementation team consists of personnel that have more than 5 years of experience implementing HR Avenue for medium to large organizations. The team also consists of systems integrators that are able to integrate HR Avenue with other systems within your organization such as integration between HR Avenue and your financial system.
Migration from existing system

If you have an existing HR environment that has a database, we are able to migrate the data from your existing system into HR Avenue. Our team have experience in migrating data from other well-known systems.
Implementation Approach

We have a well-defined implementation approach that has been refined throughout our 10 years of implementing HR Avenue.
Parallel Run

One of our approaches during implementation is to provide parallel runs for our customers. We believe parallel runs are important in getting our customers accustomed to our HR Avenue application.
Communication Sessions

With our extensive Employee Self Service component within HR Avenue, employees are able to perform a lot of functions related to HR for themselves. As part of our implementation, we conduct communication sessions to your employees, educating them on how to best use the system.