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Secured environment

With HR Avenue we provide our customers with a secured environment to work in. HR related information is sensitive and it is important to ensure that information transmitted in a secured and encrypted manner.
High performance and caters for large organization

With our approach of ensuring all our products are created in an optimized manner, we have created a solution that is able to cater for the needs of large organizations.
Scales to meet your
organization’s growth

As your organization grows, HR Avenue can scale accordingly to meet your organization’s needs. HR Avenue uses a scalable architecture that can scale by simply adding additional servers without the need to change our software. This helps protect your investments in our solution.
Accessibility from outside the office

With secured infrastructure in-place, employees and administrator can access HR Avenue from their home and other external locations.
User friendly
interface / interactive

HR Avenue uses Web 2.0 technology when required to give our customers a friendly and interactive interface. Technology such as AJAX and DHTML allows us to retrieve information and refresh portions of the screen quickly. This enables us to provide rich user experiences to our customers such as calendaring.
Multi-browser support

By using javascript framework such as jQuery and commonly used CSS, we are able to support multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.